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Release: Chapter 31

Later than planned due to school starting, ah well.

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Wow, it's... actually been two months..! Good thing I've sat down and translated four chapters in one go.

Chapter 29

Chapters 30, 31 and 32 to be expected over the next two-three weeks!

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With the permission of the scanner (HI KAI), we did a quick scanlation of this limited release omake, which came with the animate special release of di[e]ce volume 4!

Since we only scanlated two specific images, there's no zip. It's all behind the cut!

big image warning! )
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Chapter 28! We're providing our own raws for scans now, so quality has gotten better.
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Speedy release this time yay!!

Chapter 27!
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Well there was a bunch of complications and this took forever, but we now have finished chapter 26! I am definitely not guaranteeing speedy updates anymore, but hey, we are still on this project!

Without further ado: Chapter 26
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Finally came out with this! Not going to give any excuses, just going to say our big issue is that we don't have time to clean the chapters, so if anyone is interesting in being our cleaner, please comment here with your email!!

Chapter 25: Sendspace
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Hi guys! Just a quick status update—we've moved over to dreamwidth, but we'll still be crossposting any future releases!

Speaking of: We've been really slow these past few months due to a lot of RL stuff happening, and we apologize! That said, we're halfway done through the translation of chapter 25 and have a plan of AT LEAST translating one page per day, and then cleaning/typesetting one page per day. This is our new schedule, unless there is a dire emergency!

We hope to finish di[e]ce this year, as we are over half way done, so let's keep at it~
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Things sure have been slow, what with exams and Christmas and all the jazz! But we're still working on this ♥ We're also considering moving to dreamwidth, but we'll let you know!

Chapter 24
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Whoops! Late once again, schoolwork just keeps a-coming! We've gotten some volunteers though to help out though, so hopefully we can begin to speed up some.

di[e]ce chapter 23

eta: initial download was missing page 17, new link has it! But you can also go here for the image so to not redownload the whole chapter.
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Chapter 22

Sorry we're so late with the release-- the translator got sick, and then school crunch time hit all of us. On the plus side, chapter 23 is also translated and ready to scanlate, it just might take us another week or so.

* As a translator note re: the RH blood system, here's a good website.
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LJ has been a bag of dicks recently :P Oh well posting this while I can.

Chapter 20
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Sorry releases keep taking ages, RL and Yuuto's dumb flamboyantly gay talk makes it hard to translate AND scanlate. But yeah, please read Yuuto's voice in this chapter as flamboyantly gay as possible.

Chapter 17

That said, Chapter 18 should be much sooner since it has been translated already.
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Sorry for it almost being a month, life happened. Chapter 16 is on its way and may be up in a day or two.

Chapter 15
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We're picking up where the previous group scanlating di(e)ce seems to have left off, which is chapter 11? Either way, here's the download links:

Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Extra 1

All links are to sendspace, fans are encouraged to up their own mirrors to other file sharing sites if desired.
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